How Long Can ICE Hold an Immigrant : A Comprehensive Guide

how long can ice hold an immigrant

One of the scariest things that an undocumented family might go through is having an encounter with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Whether an undocumented individual gets detained during an ICE raid or they’re arrested for a crime, it can be a difficult time for everyone involved.

So, how long can ICE hold an immigrant? How should an ICE hold be handled? Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about ICE holds.

What Is ICE?

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, is a task force meant to enforce the laws regarding undocumented immigrants. It gives them the means to detain individuals that have taken up residence in the United States illegally.

ICE is in charge of making sure those who want to come to the U.S. do so the proper way. Look into becoming a citizen based on requirements of the Department of Homeland Security.

Which States Detain the Most Immigrants?

The top five states that have the greatest number of people detained in U.S. immigration detention centers each day are Texas, Louisiana, Arizona, California, and Georgia.

As a whole, the United States houses 211 of the world’s immigration detention facilities. Topping out at 352,882, the United States also detains the most undocumented immigrants per country.

According to 2019 immigration detention statistics, Texas houses an average of 14,481 people in their detention centers each day. Louisiana, Arizona, and California average between 4,000 and 4,500 detainees daily. Georgia holds the lesser amount averaging 3,719 people in ICE custody regularly.

These states have quite a bit of their southernmost borders exposed to outside countries, namely Mexico, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic.

How Are Immigrants Detained?

U. S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement often times checks the immigration status of individuals in jail. ICE officers are permitted to detain those individuals who’re undocumented and need supervision while ICE looks into their cases.

Those who become detained are not serving time for a crime. They are simply kept there to ensure that they will show up for their hearings. Something that was once reserved for those who posed a threat to others or were liable to flee to avoid being deported.

It can take more than a month to get released from ICE custody. In some instances, a stint in ICE custody can last from six months to four years.

How Long Can ICE Hold an Immigrant?

After charges get dropped or an inmate is scheduled to be released from jail, ICE has 48 hours to act on transferring them to their custody. This ICE hold allows the law enforcement agency that arrested your loved one to prevent their release until ICE arrives.

The request for a detainer is only that, a request from ICE to hold the undocumented immigrant until they can pick them up. If the law enforcement agency complies with the request, they have to let your loved one go after 48 hours if ICE doesn’t come. Unfortunately, this normally does not happen as ICE can request to hold defendants longer and many local detentions comply.

ICE holds can also be placed on those with green card if they were to commit a crime that may result in deportation. Just because someone from another country is legally in the United States doesn’t mean that they can do whatever they want without consequences.

Can an Immigrant Be Released From ICE Custody?

At Amistad Immigration Bonds, we have the resources to help anyone in the United States with their immigration bail bond. Your loved one doesn’t have to await their hearing in jail.

A detained immigrant can acquire a U.S. Immigration Bond to get released from detention. Thousands of those detained each year are released on a immigration bail bond. Others are released based on their own recognizance and under supervision.

It’s important to get your loved one released from ICE custody as soon as possible. Using the ICE detainee locator you can figure out where they are being detained.

An ICE hold can keep an undocumented immigrant in jail for an additional two days after a bail bond is obtained.

What Should an Immigrant Do Upon Release?

Immigration bonds are only granted to those who don’t pose a flight risk and are not a danger to other. They are more likely to get a bail bond if they have family in the U.S. rather than someone who is in the U.S. on their own.

Part of the deal when it comes to bail bonds is showing up to every hearing. Not attending the hearings means that the bail bond becomes null and void.

You should check out the status of your immigration case to make sure you don’t miss a hearing by calling 1-800-898-7180. You can also get judge decisions and appeal information via the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA).

You don’t have to wait for your loved one to get released from custody to start making plans for a lawyer. As soon as they’re arrested with a potential ICE hold, you can call in an attorney to make the entire process move more smoothly.

Hiring an immigration lawyer will give them the best chances of remaining in the United States with their family. An immigration lawyer can help to simplify any application processes for immigration that can be confusing.

Do You Need a Bail Bond to Get Your Loved One Released from Detainment?

If you find yourself having more questions like, how long can ICE hold an immigrant, feel free to reach out to our professional bail bondsmen.

Not only does Amistad Bonds have the ability to source out immigration bail bonds to those who need them all over the country, we can also answer any questions that you might have. We will do whatever it takes  to get your loved one back home.

Contact Amistad Immigration Bonds today to get your loved one released from ICE custody while awaiting your loved one’s trial or deportation. We look forward to reuniting your family as soon as possible.

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