Frequently Asked Questions

It is a federal bond that secures the release of an illegal immigrant from immigration custody. It guarantees that the detainee will meet the conditions of the bond by showing up on all mandated, scheduled court hearings.

For one, you need a legal status in the USA to pay an immigration bond. Many legal immigrants do not want to become a guarantor.

Secondly, not all cities have an immigration office, too. Many have experienced driving for hours or taking a flight to reach an office close to where they live. Even if you find an immigration office, you won’t be able to pay the bond right away. The system used by immigration takes several days to update (update time varies in every state). So, you can’t pay the bond if it’s not showing up or registered in the system. This is a wasted trip for those who had to travel miles just to visit the office.

Third, immigration offices take only cash. Even if you have a credit card that you can use, but don’t have cash on hand, you won’t be able to pay the bond.

Once the case is over, it would be much easier to get the collateral (total bond) back from us than from ICE.

There’s no standard figure. Certain factors, such as the detainee’s flight risk and the nature of the alleged crime, can affect the bail amount.

The arrestee can pay the whole bail amount directly to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). They can choose from a number of payment options, including cash and check.

A bail bonds service will be required if an arrestee cannot pay the amount in full. The good news is that we offer immigration bond services to help individuals behind bars post bail.

  • Our licensed agents are bilingual. They speak both English and Spanish.
  • You have the option to send the completed and signed bail bond paperwork via fax or email, whichever is more convenient for you.
  • We’re transparent on our charges (no hidden fees).
  • We’re available 24/7 to take your call.
  • We accept cash and major credit cards.

You may use a home as collateral to protect the full face value of the immigration bond. You only need to pay our premium fee of 15% of the bond amount. Unlike our competitors, we do not charge an annual renewal fee or any annual administration fee for this transaction.

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